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GRANDE - Avis Furman HR-6

The Furman HR-6 is a 6 channel headphone distribution system that gives you individual headphone controls as well as master or monitor volume controls. It cost 160 dollars which makes it very affordable. The knobs that are on the Furman HR-6 are well made, I don’t ever see them getting broken off if you take good care of it and don’t drop or smash it. You can mount the Furman HR-6 on a mic stand or just put it anywhere in your studio and still use it because you can use it with Ethernet cables. The Ethernet cables are very long so you can have it anywhere in the studio or stage that you want it to be. It does come with the stand adapter so you don’t have to go out and purchase that separately. The Furman HR-6 comes with 2 25 foot Ethernet cables or you could go out and purchase longer Ethernet cables if you need longer ones.
The Furman HR-6 has 2 RJ45 analog inputs and 2 14/ analog outputs. The quality of sound is very good with the Furman HR-6. We had this unit back in 2007 and ended up using it until about 2009 then we upgraded to a different model and brand of a headphone distribution system. I do wish that we didn’t upgrade because this is one of the best one s that we had. We may purchase another one of these in the near future and maybe just keep on in the studio and take out newer on with us on the road. It is affordable and will work great. The best part of it is that you can use the Ethernet cables which make it great for the studio. Clip it to your microphone stand and you are good to go. This is a great product that has been out for a while now.