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Décent, il serait mieux avec un peu de reverb si - Avis Peavey KB1

The Peavey KB1 is a 1 x 8 key board amplifier that cost around 130 dollars. At this price you just cant beat getting an amplifier of this quality. This self contained system is very small and compact; it can be taken just about anywhere with you and can fit easily in the trunk of a smaller car. I had this with me for use of my Casio keyboard when I would travel.


I would not gig with it, nor with that keyboard but it was just there for general practice use and messing around with friends and family. There are no effects on this amp and the output is less than 50 watts. I do wish they had added a little reverb to it though to give it some depth when using it but for this price I was happy with the way that it was. I used a 10 foot cable with it with ¼ ends on each side going from my Casio to this amp and the sound was very good.


This amp is only 16 pounds and is no taller than a foot and a half. It is very easy to pack it up and take it with you or slide it in a closet like I use to do to keep it out of the way. I have only dropped it once but it didn’t affect the performance of the amp; it just scratched the outside part of it. I recommend getting this if you are in the market to by your first keyboard amp. But if you want something with some effects like reverb do not buy this because it has none. I didn’t keep this amp long before I decided to purchase another one. But when I was using it I had no complaints with it, it works great every time and the sound was decent. It didn’t get really loud, and the depth was lacking a lot but it was worth the 130 bucks spent!