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Fender Line6 - Avis Fender Cyber Deluxe

This is basically a computer with a speaker and takes a guitar input. This amp as virtually every Fender amp model within the main brain of this amp. There really is nothing that this amp can't do as far as classic Fender tones. Granted it is not going to be a real authentic tube tone but rather a solid state tone that will be much less punchy and thinner than a solid tube amplifier.

If I were to use this it would only be in a practice situation of some kind. They make the attempt that this is a gigging amp and with the midi input it sort of can be a gigging amp but there are so many programs in this amp that it takes away from actually feeling the guitar and amp connection.



64 presets
16 reverbs with level and parameter edit controls
16 modulation effects with level and parameter edit controls
16 delay types with level and parameter edit controls
Programmable noise gate and compressor
Digital tuner
Speaker emulated stereo line outputs
4-button Quick Access preset footswitch included
Power: 65 watts
Speaker: (1) 12 in. Celestion G12T-100
Weight: 45 lbs.
Size (H x W x D): 18-1/2 x 23 x 11-3/16 in.


The tone from this amp is decent but not that great. Again this amp is a modeler amp and most modelers sound like garbage. When I think of modelers I think of Line 6. The tone from any amp modeler is going to be thin and sound basically like trash. This one is a bit better since they have higher bit rates and this DSP technology which I think is a step in the right direction. Yet, the amp is still lacking in overall tone and feel. You cannot replace the feel of a tube amp. It is simple mimicking the notes that you are playing and cannot mimic dynamics at all. There is no dynamics in string attack and feel at all in a modeler amp.


These amps have now been fizzled out and I think replaced by the G-Dec amp from Fender. You can find some on the used market and I have seen some recently for around $300 give or take a few bucks.

These amps are highly sought after for those wanting to hear every single Fender amp made. So you have to be a Fender amp lover to really enjoy this amp. If you simply need just an amp with some modeling abilities then look i the new G-Dec's from Fender. They have computer input abilities that are very great.