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Son sonner comme ses regards - Avis Fender MD-20 Mini Deluxe

Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
These things are quite an interesting marketing tool. It seems that the big manufacturers have been producing these mini pocket amps with a lot of units going out. They are cheap and cheap to make and pretty much sound exactly like you'd think....trash! If you think you would get any decent tone out of these things you are gravely mistaken. If you are simply just using it for practicing purposes then that is fine and worth the money. However, I don't think most people who play real tube amps could stand to listen to these things for too long.


Type Solid State
Number of Channels 1
Power 2W
Speakers 2"
No Effects
No Reverb
EQ Tone
No Amp Modeling
Number of Tubes 0
Preamp Tubes No Tubes
Power Tubes No Tubes
Inputs 1 x Instrument
Outputs 1 x Headphone
No Footswitch I/O
No Effects


These thing sound extremely nasally and thin. Nothing about this amp feels or sounds real in any way. In fact if you just blindly listened to it you woulnd't even hear the Fender tone at all in this amp.

If is moot to even discuss the proper guitar to play with this because if you are playing this then you aren't that concerned with the sound. Just plug any guitar into this thing because it will all sound the same anyway...garbage.


In my opinion there are a few better ways of getting decent practice amps. One of those is saving up a little more extra cash and get a $100 Peavey vyper amp or a Roland Cube amp. At least you will get some features and maybe a little more enjoyment in your playing.

At new these amps come in at around $40 which is not a lot of money for a little amp and I'm not complaining about the price. Its just how it sounds will not make you want to play this for an length of time.