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Bon pour la pratique - Avis Marshall AVT100

Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
This amp is one of Marshall's amp modeling digital amps that has three channels and a pretty good tone for practicing. This amp is another one in the line of amp modeling that tried its best to keep up with real tube amps but never can quite match that feel or tone. areal amp has a punch and thrust that a digital amp can never replicate. You can set the amp up to voice the same tones but the feel and reaction between the preamp and power will never be digitally achieved.


Output (RMS): 100 watts

Impedance: 8 ohms
Speaker: 1 x 12 in.
#Channels: 3
Acoustic Simulator: No
Digital FX Section: Yes
FX Select Switch: Yes
Accutronics Reverb: No
FX Loop: Parallel
FX Level Switch: Yes
FX Mix Controls: Yes
Scoop Switch: x 2
Bright Switch: Yes
Emulated Line Out: Yes
Headphone Jack: Yes
Master Volume: Yes
Presence Control: Yes
Speaker Outputs: 1 (int./ext.)
CD Input: No
Footswitch: PEDL-00030 included
Dimensions: 596 x 515 x 285mm
Weight: 24.2 kg


This has three channel one for clean and two for distortion. This is a great amp for practicing some of you guitar chops. If I were to need a practice amp for silent playing at home or in an office. I like that it has two distortion channels that emulate my favorite tones. I am a Marshall guy and to have one channel dedicated to a plexi through the JCM800 modded tone is great. Then you have a super modded JCM 800 third channel that gets nu metal types of distortions and then top it all of with an ok clean channel. Not that I would ever use the clean channel but it is nice to have.

Any guitar will work with this amp but my personal preference is a Gibson Les Paul. I need something with a humbucker install pickup and there just is something with a good Les Paul and a Marshall amp that is magical.


I believe these amps have been discontinued for some time now. They are pretty inexpensive and should be had well under $400. I would recommend this to someone who loves the Marshall British tones and needs a good practice amp with three channels. Two of which are dedicated hot-rodded Marshall tones. This is a great amp for the home or office and excellent for silent playing.