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Une meilleure façon de faire un hybride SS / Tube Amp, mais des sons déformés sont Over The Top - Avis Fender Champ 25

Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
Hybrid amp- solid state pre-amp, tube power amp. This is far less common than the 12AX7 tube in the pre-amp section, but this setup results in much better tube distortion, once you find a way to overdrive the power tubes. 25 watts. Good selection of controls, well laid-out.

Two instrument inputs, effects loop (on the SE version, only) and headphone out.

Another smaller amp with the much-desired 12-inch speaker. When you get to step up to a 12, bass and volume are much better.


Great cleans. I mean, GREAT cleans. Stupid distorted sound- the amp should have been designed to go from almost no distortion, instead the distorted channel starts at the higher end of most blues and rock guitarist's taste, and goes up- WAY up- from there. Don't use the distorted channel unless you play metal, thrash or other over-the-top styles- use a pedal, instead.


Having two inputs- low and high Z- the amp works just fine with single coil guitars and humbucker-equipped ones. If you want usable, controllable distortion, you MUST use a pedal- I got good results with an Ibenez Tube Screamer, but your taste may differ- if you like the pedal, you will like what it does to the sound of this amp.

Clean channel is to die for- think vintage black face Bassman- country-western players who don't want to lug around a heavy amp will love this one. Distortion channel is just hateful.

This amp's reverb does not play well with others- using it and the reverb from a multi-effects pedal causes noises that will drive everyone- you included- from the room. You have been warned.


Nicest thing about this amp is it's clean tube tones and 12-inch speaker. This amp goes cheap, these days- think of this as a budget-priced Fender Super Champ XD on steroids- more power, bigger speaker and cab, only thing missing is the DSP effects, which most of us can live without. By rights, this amp should be selling for $200, but they often go for much less. At the going prices, grab one when you get the chance.