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Pas une mauvaise ramasser - Avis Marshall JTM310 [1995-1997]

The 312 features a combo cabinet with one 12 inch speaker. This is the most standard version of this guitar amp. This amp has a bit more of a buzzy sound in the distortion compared to the 60 watt models.

This amp is the same amp as the 60 watt amp but just in a 30 watt version. You get the same great tone and features as you would with just a slight variant in the tone since the wattage is cut in half. You powers tubes will be softer and springier since their is less power.

Back in the day when Marshall made amps that sounded good and took the time needed to build high quality amps not just fast quantity amps they build this little combo. This amp is a big surprise to me because I generally don't like the combos that Marshall has come out with. The sound is very sterile and boxy to my eras. However this amp sounds just as good if not better than many boutique amps out there today.

It boggles the mind why they decide to stop making amps like this and think that the MG series is much more worth the time and effect. Well the real reason is they make more money off the trash amps that fit to more people's budgets rather than sticking with quality amps and keeping their integrity.


JTM 60 312 Valve Combos Features

Twin Channel
ReverbEQ for Normal and Boost Channel Common
Emulated D.I. Output
Series Effects Loop
Speaker Outputs
Foot Pedal
Pre-amp Valves (Tubes) 2 x ECC83 (12AX7A)
Power Amp Valves 1 x ECC83, 2 x EL34


I love the way this amp sounds with a nice Gibson Les Paul or Gibson SG guitars. It fits the rock tone and compliments my playing very well. This amp sounds amazing with a solid classic rock tone that can get anything from the 60's and 70's rock tones.

The tone is warm and rich full of great harmonics. I like the tone especially playing songs from AC/DC or Led Zeppelin. This amp nails those tones without any problem what so ever.

Another interesting thing about this amp is the effects loop on the front of the amp much like some amps from Peavey. To me this it too much going to the front especially if you are micing it up.


Marshall has seriously got down he tubes in recent pun intended. Their amps has a bland cold tone that sound harsh and flat whether its in your bedroom playing or even on stage. I have played most Marshall amps that are currently in production and only a few amps sound anything like the old ones.

These are not new amps so you'd have to find them on the used market. I have no idea what the going rate for one of these amps are used, but I highly recommend picking one up.