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Avis de moosers - Marshall JTM310 [1994-1997]

The Marshall JTM 30 is a medium sized guitar combination amplifier. Like the name contains, the amp will deliver 30 watts of power, so while not suitable for live shows in larger venues or with a full band, the JTM 30 is great for practicing, recording, and smaller or stripped down live shows. The amp is valve based, and has 1/4" jacks for input, foot switch, and for a send and return loop. It has both stand by and power buttons.


The make up of the Marshall JTM 30 is a very simple one, but still maintains access to a good amount of control over your sound. The amp contains a volume knob, and then three sections of parameters. The first section is for boost, which has knobs for volume and gain, the next is for tone which has knobs for bass, middle, and treble, and the last section is a master one, containing parameters for reverb and volume. I think that anyone who has even the slightest amount of experience with guitar amps, will be able to figure out how to use this amp quickly and without the assistance of a manual or any outside source. The parameters should certainly be familiar for experienced users.


The Marshall JTM 30 has a very full bodied sound for an amp on the smaller side. I've used the amp for recording sessions, and although I was a bit weary at first, in the end I was very happy with the results. It turns out that even if you have this amp up only about half way, if you close mic the speaker using a good mic (like a Shure SM57 or Sennheiser MD 421) and run it through a good pre, that you can get some very professional sounding results. I was extremely happy with the crisp and full warm sound that we ended up getting with the JTM 30, even if it might not have been my desired choice at first.


I don't believe that they currently make the Marshall JTM 30, but you could probably find one used if you so desired, as they didn't make these all that long ago. However, if you can't find one I wouldn't stress too much about it, as although it is a very good sounding amplifier, there are definitely plenty out there that have a comparable sound quality of this size. Having said this, the Marshall JTM 30 is as good of a choice as any in it's class of amps, so if you come across one definitely don't over look it.