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Petite annonce Amplificateurs Hi-Fi Yamaha

Vends Yamaha XMV8140

500 € France Ile-de-France
The XMV is a multi-channel power amplifier with the follow-ing features.• Both high-impedance and low-impedance connec-tions are supportedBoth high-impedance connections to 70V/100V lines and4Ω/8Ω low-impedance connections are supported. A rearpanel DIP switch allows this setting to be specified for everytwo channels.• Newly-developed "Double Power mode"The newly-developed "Double Power mode" doubles theamplifier output of each channel when low-impedance con-nections are used.* The number of available channels will be halved.• Settings can be made via application softwareAlthough settings such as mute on/off and attenuator valuescan be edited from the panel of the amplifier itself, you canuse an MTX series matrix processor and computer to edit thesettings of multiple XMV units.• Support for the newly-developed "YDIF" digitalaudio transmission format(XMV8280/XMV8140 only)This allows up to 16 channels of audio and word clock to betransmitted and received via an Ethernet cable.This model can receive eight channels of audio signals viaYDIF.• Dante network for large-scale systems(XMV8280-D/XMV8140-D only)This enables audio signal transfer over long-distance withDante equipped devices (such as the MTX5-D) with stan-dard Ethernet cables.• High efficiencyThe newly-developed output circuits allows high efficiency.
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