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Harrison Information Technology LTD K2000

Harrison Information Technology LTD K2000

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  • Fabricant : Harrison Information Technology LTD
  • Modèle : K2000
  • Catégorie : Ampli de sono 2 canaux
  • Fiche créée le : 16/07/2019
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This is part of the new sound rig well new to use hire stock, the design of this amp rack head contains 2 x K2000 amplifiers 450watt per channel and 1 x K3000 amplifier 650watts per channel in a U 16 flight rack case.
Pro Harrison K2000 and k3000 amp rack head design.On arrival to the sound disco hire system Philippines each on of the pro Harrison K3000 and k2000 amps in the touring road cases seam to be ok working on power up and in good order with all the cooling fans spinning nicely blowing air over the heat sinks. These units are cable power wired ready to rock and roll on the stage rig. The mounting back panel has all the sound inputs and audio outputs XLR connectors including power-lead and an IP67 blue16amp mains outlet socket.
The Pro Harrison K3000 and k2000 amp rack back panel XLR connectors output are going to be upgraded to accompanying red IP67 outlet socket. So can be easily changed for the different wiring configurations we will use.
The best thing I like about this Pro Harrison K3000 and k2000 amp rack head design is all the 775 Millie volt low audio level inputs on the amp rack back panel are small transformer isolated this is essential to help eliminate earth loops humming.
Pro Harrison K3000 and k2000 amp rack back panel XLR connectorsThe Cambridge company Harrison electronics are no longer in production so you cant go out to the local disco suppliers and get one of the shelf, if you can find a K2000, K3000 or an K4000 you have serious piece of disco history in audio power amplifier requirements and technology this can lay clams to being a really high spec pro sound amp that rides the high horse not a cheap copy.
The amp rack head is so heavy and only suitable for two people to carry it; perhaps it will have some touring cases castor wheels soon as well just for ease of transport.

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