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Avis de moosers - Peavey PMA 250

The Peavey PMA 250 is a stereo power amplifier. These are on the older side but I don't know from when exactly. I've only used one of them in a home recording studio setting to power up a set of Yamaha NS-10 monitors. I actually sold the NS-10's I used to have to this studio owner and he already had the Peavey PMA 250 power amp. It's seems to do a pretty good job with the NS-10's, but I didn't have the opportunity to A/B it with another power amp. Different power amps can make a big difference it sound when it comes to using passive monitors, but any good one should be adequate. I don't remember all of the connections in the back of the PMA 250, as we just hooked up the NS-10s via speaker cable. On the front panel of the power amp there are only volume knobs for each of the two channels, and also a power switch. This is a rack mountable piece of equipment, and will take up four spaces so it's probably a good idea to just leave this thing on the floor unless you've got extra space at the bottom of your rack. It's not a light power amp, but I'm not sure there's such thing as that anyway. While the Peavey PMA 250 isn't the best overall power amplifier that money can buy, it can be bought used for less money than most power amplifiers, making it a worthwhile model to look into. It doesn't seem like there were a ton of these made, or at least there aren't very many being sold today. It's the kind of thing where if you came across a good deal it might be worth it, but probably not worth taking the time to find one since there are plenty of over cheap power amplifier out there more readily available...