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Avis de moosers - Blue Microphones The Pop

The Blue Microphones The Pop is a pop filter for microphones that will work well with microphones of any type.  It is a good size that will fit over any capsule and the goose neck is easily adjustable and easy to move around, which I find can be an issue with a lot of pop filters out there.


I've been using the Blue Microphones The Pop for about six months or so and it is probably one the best pop filters that I have used.  It is easy to use and to set up and definitely will do it's job well.  While most pop filters that I have used usually do the job well and block out spit and 'p' syllables, this seems to do the job even better.  It is made out of a sturdy material and is a pop filter that you will have and be able to use for a long time if treated properly and kept good care of.  While it is made by Blue and is probably best suited for use with Blue microphones, The Pop will work well with just about any microphone as I have used it in a variety of situations and with a variety of different brands of microphones.  Just make sure that you have it lined up with the capsule of the microphone, as this can really help it to do its the job the best that it can.  The one bad thing about the Blue Microphones The Pop is the price as it is much more expensive than most traditional pop filters out there.  While it is certainly made better than a normal pop filter, I don't think that the sound quality is worth the price alone.  I do think that if you are looking to make sure that you have a great pop filter for a while, that the way this is made will make a big difference.  I often find that I have trouble placing traditional pop filters sometimes, but I never have problems with this one.  Although expensive, the Blue Microphones The Pop is a very well made pop filter.