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Radial Engineering Headload Prodigy

Radial Engineering Headload Prodigy

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  • Fabricant : Radial Engineering
  • Modèle : Headload Prodigy
  • Catégorie : Atténuateur de puissance pour ampli guitare
  • Fiche créée le : 14/04/2015
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The Headload Prodigy is a combination load box and DI that enables one to drive a guitar amp at a higher output to maximize tone, yet produce a lower output volume when needed. As a load box, the Prodigy allows the user to attenuate the output to 50%  for use on quiet stages or studio.
As a DI, the Prodigy features a built-in JDX Reactor amplifier DI that combines a reactive load with a proprietary filter bank that emulates the tone of a 4x12 half-stack with a Shure SM-57.
The Prodigy can also be used without a cabinet for completely silent recording via the JDX output. It also features a built-in headphone amplifier, making it a perfect quiet-practice companion.

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