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Avis utilisateur

Avis de BeyondR - iZotope Nectar

There weren't any kind of compatibility issues in the program , it worked really great.
The book provided by the program was quite clear regarding the general configuration of the program and how the settings worked to get a clear understanding.

General configuration and setup is pretty easy.
The typical functions are accessible to even some amateurs or someone that isn't very familiar with the program but still can get a pretty good understanding of the program.


The software performs incredibly well, the gear is quite stable and I haven't encountered any errors.
I do get some great effects and different musical touches with this unique type of reverb.


Izotope Nectar is a set of different vocal effects combined in just one software. You can create something really unique with this programs touch.
It has plenty of great features like automatic pitch correction , a great note editor , a breath control and of course the usual gate effects, some pro compressors , different saturators , a de-esser , a limiter, the necessary reverb , delay and many other cool effects that you can use it in your mixes.

I do like all the effects provided by this program and the presets provided that make the job much more enjoyable and much much faster. You can tweak between dozens of presets to get the desired effect.

Precision and quality of sounds is extremely good and pro and I do enjoy the design , the whole interface is very easy to catch.
I've tried some similar types of programs but I didn't fine none that can compare to this, I really do think this gives a whole new perspective regarding music modulation.

Knowing what I know, I would buy this program again. It costs around 300 $ , you can try it out.