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Tout en un chant sur un budget - Avis iZotope Nectar

Nectar out of the box does just what it says. It's an all in one plugin for vocals. Includes everything you might need. Reverb, eq, compression, noise gate, delay, desser, and even pitch control. The manual is great. It comes with a pile of presets that are good to use for starting points. It really helps if you've had experience with all the effects inside the plugin or you won't get too far. Nectar makes it a lot easier than chaining 4 or 5 different plugins together though.


Personally, I find I get the best sound on vocals when I use at least 4 or 5 different plugins. However, this process of dialing in several plugins can take quite a while. Sometimes an hour. There are certain times when I'm on a deadline, or just need a quick idea of how a vocal take will sound on a track. I don't have time to mess with a huge channel strip of vst's in this case. But I do have time to open Nectar and dial in a quick mix. While it does take up a fair share of CPU, it's a lot lighter than what cpu 6 other plugs would take. And to be fair, it actually sounds pretty good. And I have used it before in a pinch with great results. If I was on a tight budget and I needed a good do it all plugin, I'd probably get this without hesitation.


As I said before, this plugin is great for advanced producers who need a fast alternative to full on vocal mixing, but I can also see it being used as a budget plug. It's very impressive and it stands on its on against other more expensive vst's. In the past I've been known to say that Izotope's stuff can sound "cartoony" but Nectar doesn't really suffer from this. Certain settings can sound very overdone if you aren't careful. Just tread lightly especially if it's your first rodeo. Overall though I can't say enough about it for the price. I find myself using it more and more these days.