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Eurorack boitier Enclave 6U 104 HP

550 € France Ile-de-France
Remise en main propre uniquement
Je vends mon boitier Eurorack Enclave 6U 104 HP.
Excellent état, acheté et importé des USA en 2014.
Alimentation Make Noise 1.4A +12V regulated, 1A -12 regulated, 250mA +5V regulated

Remise en mains propre uniquement, chez moi dans le 95 ou rdv sur Paris 08 éme .

Paiement par virement, cash ou Paypal (Ajouter les 3% de frais)
Pas d'échange.

Description détaillé du fabriquant :

6U 104 HP
1.4A +12V regulated, 1A -12 regulated, 250mA +5V regulated

• 2 5/8 Inches / 67mm Depth
• Horizontal and Vertical Use
• Case can close while patched
• Solid Dovetail Construction – no screws to pull out
• Military Grade two part polyurethane elastomer coating inside and out; Fabric Free (No Tolex to Snag or tear)
• Chevron Black Polymer Corners
• Back Rubber Feet
• Meets all Airplane carry on requirements; only 11 lbs without modules.
• Vector Rails with Sliding Nuts. Rails have no slots for losing nuts. Rails are easily removable for adding or removing nuts; 20 M2.5 nuts per rail and 80 screws included
• Carrying handle

Make Noise Powered Bus Board for Enclave Flight 6u:
• Power from +15V to +18V DC Wall-Wart, anywhere in the world
• Outputs: 1.4A +12V regulated, 1A -12 regulated, 250mA +5V regulated
• 20 euro power connectors (2 x 8 male .1" headers)
• Spade connectors for DC IN/ OUT/ GND (for chaining of DC power to multiple boards)
• Spade connectors for +/-12V, System GND, +5V, and the CV/ Gate bus lines (for expansion)
• No heat to dissipate
• Low Noise, high stability
• Conservative Current rating
• Automatic ramp down to shut-off when current draw exceeds 2.2A
• Delayed power up to avoid false blowing of fuses (when powering up several Metasonix modules for example)
• Super-Efficient, averaging 90% efficiency. Much greener then typical linear supplies
• Unique design allow for powering two rows without the need for the passive bus board and additional wiring
• Lightweight and low profile (less than 18mm height)

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