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Elysia Karacter 500

Fiche technique

  • Fabricant : Elysia
  • Modèle : Karacter 500
  • Catégorie : Autre processeur de dynamique
  • Fiche créée le : 30/10/2015
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• Discrete Class-A Topology
The input and output stages as well as the complete audio path are fully discrete designs running in constant class-A mode. The result: Signal coloration, high-end style.

• Mastering-Grade Saturation
In this mode, the karacter 500 generates gentle Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) with a soft characteristic curve, resulting in very musical symmetrical clipping.

• Tube-Inspired Distortion
In FET Shred mode, the behavior of the karacter 500 changes drastically. The sound instantly reminds of tube amplifiers, with a wide range of asymmetrical distortion.

• Glorious Destruction
Now, this is pushing the envelope. The Turbo Boost shifts the operating point of the distortion circuit in FET shred mode and generates even more asymmetrical wave forms.

• Color Filter
The Color control changes the harmonics-frequency relation with tons of interesting variations. Middle is flat; turn left for more dub and right for more shred.

• Integrated M/S Matrix
As an alternative to standard stereo operation you can process the mid and side signals, opening up completely new options for your work!

• Dual Mono/Stereo Link
For ultimate flexibility, the karacter 500 offers both true dual mono and linked stereo operation, while in M/S mode the channels can be linked or unlinked as well. 

• Stepped Controllers
All potentiometers of the karacter 500 have 41 steps, which is a great help for recalling your previous sessions fast and precisely.

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