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Avis de mooseherman - Gibson Signature Series Les Paul Standard Flash Drive

This is a pretty cool device. Considering that all musicians are going to need both large external hard drives for transporting their digital media back and forth from studio to gig and back, that's certainly important. However, most people would also need a smaller flash drive for transporting the smaller files they need. Students especially need these things nowadays. I think that a great gift to get a music student (or any student who likes guitars, for that matter) would be this Gibson Les Paul Flash drive. Not only does it look exactly like a Les Paul, but it works as a fully functional flash drive with up to 1 GB of memory. The write speed of this flash drive is solid as well, at 6 megabytes per second. The flash drive claims to have a retention of up to 9 years, which is pretty impressive. I can't say for sure whether or not this is true as I recently got this, but I'm sure that with the proper care, it wouldn't be a hard thing to take care of. Besides, arguably the coolest feature of this drive is the "hardshell" case that comes with it! Technically it's plastic but it looks like the real thing. This is mostly a novelty item but I really think it's one of the more clever things that I've seen lately in that category. And it's actually a great conversation starter beyond that, so it really is multi-purpose in many ways. I'd definitely recommend it to any musician who regularly uses a computer and needs to move files between computers. Basically any college or even high school student needs one of these anyway, might as well make it a cool one.