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Ableton Max for Live Connection Kit

Ableton Max for Live Connection Kit

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  • Fabricant : Ableton
  • Modèle : Max for Live Connection Kit
  • Catégorie : Autre utilitaire pour plug-ins
  • Fiche créée le : 24/03/2016
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The Pack consists of 11 Max for Live devices: a toolkit for exploration, or to open up in Max and adapt to your own needs (Max programming knowledge is required for this!). Some devices demonstrate how you can use each protocol to capture different types of data.

  • LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 – Connect an EV3 Programmable Brick to Live and get access to its sensors and motors.
  • Arduino - Connects switches, potentiometers and other sensors to control Live parameters, or use Live to control LEDs or Servos connected to an Arduino Uno.
  • littleBits™ - use the littleBits Arduino with other input/sensor Bits to control Live. It also enables events in Live to control your other littleBits modules.
  • Camera – fetches webcam data in order to control mappable parameters.
  • OSC Send – converts any mappable Live parameter to OSC data for sending out of Live.
  • OSC TouchOSC – allows you to map any controller from any available TouchOSC layout to live elements.
  • OSC Monitor – a simple but useful OSC data monitor.
  • OSC Leap Motion – uses Leap Motion to generate midi notes with the help of the ManosOsc application.
  • OSC MIDI Send – sends MIDI note and velocity data as OSC messages to a Processing sketch.
  • JSON Weather – one of two examples on how to fetch JSON data from the internet, parse it through dictionaries and query specific data content from it.
  • JSON Video – the second example device on how to fetch web data in JSON format: uses #ableton tagged looped videos from the online video sharing service “Vine”.
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