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Cab Excellent pour le prix - Avis ENGL E412SS Standard Slanted 4x12 Cabinet

Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
I got this cab when I bought my 1st high end amp, an Engl Savage120. I compared this one with the Vintage cab (with V30s) and liked the standard cab better at the time. It was a great match with the Savage120 and I used it for many years.

The Standard cab is loaded with Celestion V60 speakers and although they are cheaper speakers, I still think they sound good. The overall tone of the cab is pretty smooth sounding. It has a good low end and pleasant highs. I did a lot of gigs with mine and it always sounded great. It's also pretty easy to mic up. It was a great mix with the Savage 120 as the amp is a bit bright sounding and the Celestion V60s smoothed things out a bit.

The build of the cab is good although it is made of particle board, I never had a problem with mine. At a certain point, cobblestones ruined the wheels and I replaced them with genuine blue wheels. Other than that, I never had complaints. It’s a heavy cab so your arm muscles will get a good workout when you are moving this around.

After many years, my taste in tone changed and I looked for something else and in the end bought the vintage cab and sold this one to a friend who's still using it years and years later. As always, try the cab with your own amp, or one similar to yours, because not every cab works well with every amp and your playing style also has an impact. For example, I don’t like standard Marshall cabs with G12-75s but plenty of people do. I vastly prefer the Engl Standard cab and would recommend this if you need a cheap, good sounding cab.