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Avis utilisateur

Cabines bonnes sur le marché utilisé - Avis Marshall 1960A JCM800 Lead

Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent

4 Celestion G12T-75s @ 300w mono/150w stereo (each side)
4 & 16 ohm mono ouputs
8 ohm stereo ouputs
Birch ply construction
MDF back panel

The construction of this cab leaves something to be desired. While it's built of quality materials (besides the back panel, which is made out of MDF), Marshall definitely cuts corners on these cabs. I've played quite a few new (and used) ones, and all of them suffered from the same downfalls. The screws around and inside the entire cab aren't screwed in tightly, leading to unwanted vibrations at higher volumes. The openings aren't properly sealed and release air. The MDF back panel is better replaced with a birch panel. The speakers are clipped on, instead of soldered, with thin wiring. The baffle board support beam is screwed in off-center.

These problems can be fixed by:

- Securely screwing in all screws (especially on the baffle board)
- Replacing the back panel with birch
- Caulking around the baffle board, handle inserts and jack plate for a tight seal
- Screwing in the baffle board beam in the center
- Soldering the wires to the jacks, using heavier gauge wire

With all these mods, you should have a very nice sounding, high quality cabinet that sounds great and only takes a few minutes to do the mods.

As far as the sound goes, the stock G12T-75s aren't for everyone. I find they mix well with Marshall amps, and other mid-gain to low-gain amps, as they have a scooped mid range that balances out an amp with a prevalent mid spike (like Marshalls), and also work great for a cleaner sounding amp, where scooping the mids a bit will produce a nice, chimey, clean tone. However, I don't find they work well with most modern voiced, high gain amps, as they produce too much of a scoop in the mids, and leave the amp's tone hallow and sterile.

Pickiness aside, these cabs sound great, especially for the price you can get them for on the used market. While I wouldn't suggest these for everyone, if you can find one at a cheap price, and don't mind putting in a little work to get it in tip-top shape, they're certainly hard to beat!