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Avis de frankP_en - Marshall AVT412A

The Marshall AVT412 200W 4x12 Cabinet. Handles a lot of power and tone. I've had my cabinet for 6 months now. They are discontinued now. It always seems like the stuff you just buy, becomes discontinued. Either way, a very good, dependable cabinet. The AVT50H and AVT150H heads provide a solid punch and tight low-end response. I have this cabinet hooked up to my AVT50H head and my CrateGX412 cabinet. Together, they make a powerful sound. The Crate handles more of the mids/highs, while the marshal puts out the lows/mids. Hard rock/metal would be perfect for this design. I'm a mainstream radio hard rock style musician and if you want to buy a nice, not as expensive as the Marshall 1960TV Cabinet, you can get that nice tone and recording standard for mainstream artists. I wouldn't use this cabinet alone but with the Marshall 412B, it might be a killer package. The mg100hdfx head would work with his cabinet also, but it's not as good. That's the cheaper model for the youth musicians in high school. I've tried out the Marshall MG412A or MG412B 120W 4x12 guitar extension cabinet, running on 8ohms and 120ws. I didn't like that either. No switch to 4ohms to 8ohms, but neither does this cabinet.

It has 4 12" speakers built in. You can place the head right on top with the groves (helps a lot with mega bass, keeps from sliding). It has one input and output in the back. The handles handles on the side help out and have a slick look to them. I find cabinets at different prices interesting. Take this cabinet for example and pair it with the Marshall 1960TV Cabinet. Around $1000, but only has 100w max. How do you figure that? Buy this Marshall cabinet with 200w or get one with 100w and pay double. The difference is the electrics, not the watts. You'll get a much better tone out the Marshall 1960TV Cabinet. If you want to rock and produce big tones and blow your ears, get this. $500 out of stock. Go to your local retail and see if they still have one in stock. I like the head and have always wanted to pair it will the cabinet. Now that I have that, it rocks. I would make the same purchase again but at a lower price. When the product is discontinued, cut the value way down.