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Étonnamment bien construit la cabine pour un prix incroyablement bas. - Avis Peavey MS 412 Slant

Peavey has always had a reputation for building gear that could practically withstand an atomic bomb blast. The first offered opinion of Peavey by most experienced users is "It's built like a tank!".

The 300-watt, 412MS Mono-Stereo guitar cabinet is indeed built to last. It weighs in at a hefty 97lbs with speakers loaded, and features metal-reinforced corners, black metal speaker grille, and a combination MDF/Plywood construction covered in durable black tolex. Recessed heavy-duty handles allow the cab to be moved by hand, or it can be rolled using the included casters. At nearly 100lbs, most users would rather just roll it!

The cab is switchable from mono to stereo operation, and is rated for 16 ohms mono, or 8 ohms per-side stereo. It comes loaded with Peavey Sheffield 1290 speakers, which are Peavey's take on Celestion G12-75T's.

Size-wise, the 412MS is somewhere between a Marshall 1960, and a Mesa Oversized 4X12. The speakers are front-loaded, to maximize cab seal, which benefits low-end response.

I wasn't particularly a fan of the Sheffield 1290's, although they weren't bad speakers at all. But they were very unforgiving in the mid range. As a result, amps sounded more aggressive, and sometimes boxy. I found they responded best at super high volumes, which obviously isn't always an option, even in the largest of venues.

Swapping them out for my favorite Celestion Vintage 30's made this cab the perfect 4x12 for metal and hard rock. Those who favor more classic tones would favor loading it with Greenback-style speakers. If you already have 4 speakers of choice to load into the 412MS, then purchasing one is an excellent value, as they go used for well under $200 in some cases. An unloaded Avatar 4x12 goes for twice that.

The input jack assembly is also well made, with two input jacks and sliding mono-stereo switch. The assembly is mounted to the rear panel with 4 heavy screws. The speakers themselves are mounted with 4 screws each into metal T-inserts in the front baffle. Additional screws can be added at your discretion.

All-in-all, the Peavey 412MS is an incredible value for those that want a 4x12 Speaker cabinet that is built to last and can be upgraded.