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korg volca beats - Avis Korg Volca Beats

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i owned it for a year,it seems to be good for beginners or played in junction to
other dm,i think it's too expehensive for its features and sold without ac adapter[highly recommended]
i'll start talking about the right things
very good kick and toms
many encoders to adjust sounds
motion stutter allows to create movements and accents inside every part
mute/solo function
very portable[vhs tape sized]
easy to program with a full visual[running lights]touch 16 step sequencer

here's what i dont like
part level in a sub-menu
very low and noisy output
no midi out,no gate or cv only clock in/out for other volcas
plugs on the front panel so you have all the cables too close to your hands/encoders
average hats and very poor snare,pcm section isn't good too
high battery consumption[6xaa]
little keyboard hard to play/rec on air

honestly i will not buy it again,i recicled it on an empty channel of my teac
[6 ch]mixer since i found it very hard to sell used

bye from italy