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Avis de moosers - Gibson Grabber G3

The Gibson Grabber G3 is an electric bass guitar that is in the same line as the original G1 Grabber. It first came out in the mid 1970's and is no longer being made, needless to say. The bass has three single coil pick ups, which is pretty rare for a bass. I don't know where these basses were made, nor what they were made from...


The playability of the Gibson Grabber G3 is great as it's a smooth ride with this bass. It's easy to navigate up and down the neck, and especially easy for higher note access. It just has volume and tone control knobs which apply to all of the pick ups in unison. It's very easy to get a nice and well rounded sound with this bass guitar, as it's a nice change to your standard pick up configuration.


The sound of the Gibson Grabber G3 is extremely punchy and aggressive. It's not your standard well rounded Gibson bass, but it's got a sound of it's own that's definitely not far off from the original G1 Grabber. The sound of the three single coil pick ups makes the bass awesome for playing higher parts on the bass as it just seems to come in cleaner than your average bass will. Don't get me wrong, this thing still has a lot of rumble on the low end as well...


The Gibson Grabber G3 is definitely a nice alternative to the G1 Grabber if you can't get one, and should also be a bit less expensive although not by much. I definitely consider the G3 in the same league as the G1 and if you're looking for a punchy little bass guitar, the Grabber is definitely going to do you good. I don't know how hard or easy it would be to buy a Grabber G3, but it's a great change of pace bass for any bassist to have.