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C'est une basse ok. - Avis Squier MB-4 Bass

Made in China
Agathis body
C-shaped maple neck
Rosewood Fingerboard with 22 frets
P Bass split single coil
J Bass single coil
Pickup blend pot
1/4" output jack


Aimed at the budget or first time market, this MB4 bass from Squier is of decent quality. It gets a good sound for the price point, but the bass I owned had some minor neck problems out of the box. There were a couple of high frets, and this caused buzzing in some inconvenient locations. I made sure the bass was setup from a professional, but the buzzing didn't go away without some fret hammering work. That's not really a terribly big deal, but most people wouldn't know what to do to correct the problem. And it shouldn't have done that out of the box. Other than that issue, there were no problems. The neck played well after the setup and fretwork.


The bass sounds good. It doesn't get a ton of different tones, but it does make some good ones. There is a good variety of timbres with use of the pickup blend pot. The P-Bass neck pickup had some good growl and warmth, and the J-Bass bridge pickup allowed me to get some good bright Jaco tones. Slapping especially sounded good on this bass, so it would be a nice funk riff bass.


Overall, it's ok. It would have garnered better reviews from me if the bass had come with a good fretjob from the factory, but I understand that the company is making a very low-cost instrument here, and fretwork labor is one of the first areas that many manufacturers cut. My bass might have just been a fluke on the fretwork, to be honest, but to anyone seriously interested in this bass, I'd recommend playing the actual instrument as opposed to just ordering online.