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Irréel - Avis Antelope Audio Isochrone Trinity

The Antelope Audio Isochrone Trinity is a next generation master clock. It has 3 separate SD generators and a smooth easy to use interface. But the interface could take a few times to get use to if you are coming from a different type of unit. This is perfect to use with a Pro Tools system because of the Superclock support. You will get sample Rates up to 384 kHz in this rackable unit. This unit does take up two rack spaces though. The appearance of the Isochrone is very modern and up to day looking. It has a sort of stainless steel look to it that will look great in your rack. All of the knobs on the face of the unit are well made and have a nice resistance to them when you are turning them. You can tell why these unit costs so much after you use it just one time.
I have only used the Antelope Audio Isochrone about a total of 4 times in a studio that is close by. It is set up to run with Pro Tools Digidesign. It gets its power from a 12V power supply wall plug. The unit does seem to get a little warm if left on for long periods of time, but not dangerously warm and nothing that should cause any concern.
It has Atomic Click compatibility along with 3 separate HD generators that each have up to 16 separate formats. You will have jitter free control while keeping everything synced up, not just audio but video as well. I would purchase this unit for my home set up if I truly needed it. I would invest the couple grand that it cost if I needed it. But my home set up is too small for this. But working with it at the studio is great and it has never given us any problems. I do recommend purchasing it if you can afford to have it. The quality of it is amazing and after using so many other models that claim they can do the same thing as the Isochrone, I now understand why the Isochrone is so good and highly sought after.