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Mon diapositive au favori - Avis Dunlop Chromed Steel Slide

This was my second slide I ever tried out. I had previous to this used the Dunlop glass variety of slide. I did like that slide however I found myself to be careless and decided to try something a bit less breakable. At the time I was inexperienced and found out quickly how different a sound can be made depending on the material.

Let me say that I did enjoy the fit of this slide to that of the glass slide. It seemed more stable on my finger and was easier to use. I am a bit of a sweaty guy so the glass always felt like I was going to loose it. Well the fit was about the only thing I did like about this slide.

I found that unlike the glass variety the metal slide was very thin and harsh sounding. It produced way too much high end response for my liking. I had written a few parts into my music at that time for the slide but the metal slide was actually unbearable tone wise to my ears. I know that the sound it produces has a valid place in music but I really wanted the warmer sound that the glass produced. I tried tweaking some settings to give it a chance but soon realized it was not worth the effort and replaced the glass slide promising myself to just be a bit more careful with the new one.

I did not have an acoustic guitar at that time in my life and I have never purchased another one of these slides. I feel however that with a warmer sounding acoustic that the metal slide might actually be a good complimentary piece. I may have simply applied it to the wrong instrument but it did nothing for me on electric guitar.