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Avis de mooseherman - Dunlop Tempered Glass Regular

This is a pretty solid slide for electric and acoustic guitars. I have never tried it with a lap steel, as I don't really play those. I'm not sure you even would play one of those with this type of slide. Anyway, this is the slide that brought me back to glass. I've had many glass slides shatter on me throughout the years, and eventually got really frustrated with it. So I decided to cave and buy the metal. Then I stopped playing slide because I didn't like my tone. Therefore, I think that I prefer glass slides in general. However, sometimes, they can be weak and unforgiving. Not this one. This slide has one of the warmer, clearer tones that I've encountered. It tends to avoid highlighting the abrasive signals that sometimes get amplified with slide playing. I tend to use it more for my acoustic guitar, which sounds terrible with a metal slide. However, the electric guitars I've tried it with sound great, though I get frustrated from having to reset the action sometimes. It's just great for highlighting the middle range as opposed to the higher range. Since I use guitars that are generally pretty bright, I think that this helps balance it out a little better. I doubt anyone would want a slide that emphasizes the highs more than this one. It also fits me well, and I've never heard anyone encounter a problem with the comfortability of it. Overall, I prefer it to most glass slides, and I'm fortunate enough to have not broken it yet. Even if I do though, I wouldn't mind, considering that it's not that expensive to get replaced. If you want a good glass slide, this is one of the better ones I've found that weren't custom-made or unnecessarily expensive.