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grand - Avis Dynaudio BM14S

The BM 14s is a 14’ inch high quality sub woofer that packs a punch. If you have a good set of monitors then you will need to add this to them to get that really good low end thump. If you don’t have a good set of studio monitors don’t waste your money getting this because you will horrible mixes with bad monitors and the BM 14 . You can get a great master version of your songs and the bass in your songs will sound crisp if you use this to master them in. Your room needs to be treated though and have a carpeted floor of course. You don’t want to have this woofer sitting on hard wood with that bass bouncing off everything. These things are key with a good woofer in order for you to get a good sounding bass.

The sounds of the BM14 is great, and its second to known. I have only heard a few other woofers that can get you a great sound like this one can and those ones cost a lot more than the Dynaudio Acoustics BM 14s.

When it comes to picking a sub woofer for your mixing and mastering studio you should not take it lightly. Some people just think well as long as I have something that can put out bass I will be fine and I will invest in getting some really good monitors and leave the bass out or just get a cheap woofer for now it will be ok. If you can , go to your local store and play the same song in a set up with this woofer and in a set up without this woofer and you will hear two completely different things. So imagine how much different you would mix in the BM 14. It is top notch and must have if you can afford it.