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Avis de moosers - Dynaudio BX30

The Dynaudio Acoustics BX30 Subwoofer offers up a serious amount of low end for those who don’t have monitors with too much low end or who are simply looking to add more bottom end. The speaker is actually pretty large for a sub woofer, as it takes up a good amount of space. You’ve got the capabilities to tune it to your room, with phase and crossover parameters in the back as well. The studio that I work at has the BX30 set up with a pair of Yamaha NS-10m’s to add some low end to the sound. We don’t always use it with the NS-10s, but it’s set up and ready to go with them for when some bottom end is necessary. It’s got XLR connections for inputs and outputs for both of the channels.

If you’re looking for a sub woofer to add some low end to your sound, it’s definitely possible with the BX30. This will give your sound a serious amount of low end, as it gets just about as low as you can do. It’s perfect for using with speakers like the NS-10s where you might want some more low end, but of course this isn’t always necessary with the NS-10s. They would also be great with other Dynaudio monitors like the BM5As. I don’t know what else to say except that if you’re looking for a lot of low end, this will give it to you.

While a sub woofer like the Dynaudio Acoustics BX30 might not be necessary for everyone, if you’re mixing and recording music that requires a good low end response, it might be a good idea to go with something like this to seriously enhance your system. Of course a good set of near or mid field monitors is the most important thing for your monitoring system, but after you’ve got that you might want to think about adding something like this. I don’t do too much music where this is necessary, but it’s definitely nice to have around in the studio for when it is needed. I’ve got no complaints about the way the BX30 sounds at all…