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Microphone Parts RK-67

Microphone Parts RK-67

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  • Fabricant : Microphone Parts
  • Modèle : RK-67
  • Catégorie : Capsule de microphone
  • Fiche créée le : 14/05/2012
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RK-67 Microphone Capsule
RK-67. $149 $119
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Includes premium
saddle and mount.
RK-67 Capsule
The K-67 Microphone Capsule

The capsule in two of Neumann’s most famous microphones, the U67 tube microphone and U87 solid-state microphone, is a dual-backplate design called the K67.

This is the most-copied capsule design in the world. And yet the vast majority of the copies, especially the inexpensive imported ones, are different from the original in one critical respect: they are the wrong size.

The Neumann K67 has a 34mm outside diameter. The capsule in most low-cost imports, while borrowing the dual-backplate design, has a 32mm outside diameter. Whatever the reason for this “shrinkage,” it is just not the same capsule, and not the same sound.

Introducing the RK-67

The RK-67 is a very close copy of Neumann’s original. It is a true 34mm, dual-backplate capsule manufactured to very high tolerances.

It is a dual-diaphragm capsule; both are made of 6-micron Mylar, coated with gold. For use in a Cardioid microphone, simply connect the front diaphragm to the circuit. For multipattern operation, connect both front and rear diaphragms.

We have selected the RK-67 to meet stringent performance specifications: the front and rear sides of the capsule match to within 0.5dB in sensitivity and frequency response. This ensures the most honest performance in Omni and Figure-8 patterns.

Capsule diameter: 34 mm
Diaphragm diameter: 27.5 mm
Capsule depth: 12.3 mm
Membrane composition: 6-micron Mylar, sputtered with Gold
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