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inconfortable - Avis Numark HF125

Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
When you put these headphones on, you're in your own world. Whether blasting your way through the pit of Hell in Doom 3 or mixing down techno tracks, the outside world is shut out, and you're alone with some KICKIN' bass and very nice mids and toppy top end. A well-balanced set of 'phones for the price. I've tracked with a bassist and drummer while sporting these puppies, and my guitar couldn't kill my hearing for the rest of the night. So, they serve a double purpose: you can hear everything very clearly defined while they also protect you from "cymbal death." Very nice. They're comfy, adjustable, and easy to get used to, and I forget that I have them on, even after four straight hours of "Delta Force: Blackhawk Down" online. Highly recommended.

These headphones are some of the best I've ever used--at least in live sound mixing. They really block out the external noise when I'm mixing a band, and need to hear what is being recorded as well. I love how well they are made and the sturdy collapsible design.
The sound isolation is very good. The headphones tilt and swivel in enough spots to get a comfortable fit on anyone. The coiled cord can be a bit heavy at times. If you are close to the source plug or even sitting, the weighty cord is not much of a problem. If you are standing at a mic, the cord sways and can be a bit distracting. They sound good, but the bad part is They are quite good but a little uncomfortable. I find them to be louder than other Headphones but this is probably part of the noise attenuation built into their design. I think they are priced right however, and I will continue to use Numark products. These are a steal.