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Avis de moosers - Chandler Limited TG 1

The Chandler Limited TG 1 is a dual channel compressor and limiter designed for uses of all types in the recording studio.  It is an all analog unit and I believe it has XLR connections but I'm not sure as the one that I have used was pre-racked in a recording studio.  This is indeed a rack mountable piece of gear and will take up two rack spaces.


The configuration of the unit is pretty easy to follow as everything is pretty basic for a compressor.  Each channel has parameters for input/hold, output, recovery, and a knob to choose between making it a compressor or a limiter.  There is also a button to use the unit as either a stereo compressor or as dual mono.  Each channel also has a meter that is easy to read and to follow.  I haven't seen the manual for the Chandler Limited TG 1 so I can't speak to how helpful it would be or not.


The sound quality heard from the Chandler Limited TG 1 is outstanding.  It is up there with the best of the compressors that I have used as the sound quality is warm and really huge.  It is suitable for all types of applications but I have used it mostly for vocals and electric guitar and for these applications the TG 1 really does a great job.  It does its job perfectly but in its own way as you can't really get the sound that you can get with this with any other compressor, at least that I have used. 


I've been using the Chandler Limited TG 1 on and off for a number of years and it never ceases to amaze me when I do get to use it.  Chandler Limited is known for making top end analog gear and the TG 1 is one of their best models.  The only problem with the TG 1 is the price as it is quite astronomical and for this reason is really only accessible to professional studio owners and those with a ton of money.  However, if you do get the chance to try this one out or to pick one up, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.