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Avis de moosers - Peavey VC-L 2 Compressor

The Peavey VC-L 2 Compressor is a dual channel compressor that has XLR and ¼ inch connections and will take up two rack spaces in your standard rack.  It can be powered by a standard power chord and isn’t hard to set up at all.


The configuration of the Peavey VC-L 2 Compressor is quite easy to figure out as there anything confusing at all about its make up.  Each channel simply has knobs for threshold and for gain and each has switches for phantom power and there is VU metering for each.  This is pretty much as simple as it gets for a compressor and even those without much experience using compressors should be able to understand how to use this compressor.  For this reason I’ve never seen a manual and don’t think that one is necessary if you don’t already have it.


When I was first introduced to the Peavey VC-L 2 Compressor I was a bit skeptical that it would sound good because outboard gear isn’t exactly Peavey’s specialty.  However, as soon as I used it was impressed with the sound quality and since that day I have continued to use it pretty frequently when working at the studio that has it.  I have used it for a variety of applications including vocals and bass guitar, among other things.  I find that it works best for these two applications because it has a certain presence that just seems to click with these instruments.  I have also had good success using this on kick drum, but it is suitable for all sorts of applications and I would encourage those who have this to try it out on everything as you never know what might sound good with it.


I’ve been using the Peavey VC-L 2 Compressor for about a year now and I’m definitely a fan of this.  As I said earlier I was a bit unsure with how this would sound since Peavey isn’t known for making compressors as I’m sure that many of you are thinking as well, but don’t let that fool you as this is a very solid sounding compressor.  They are pretty hard to find now since they are no longer made and aren’t all that sought after, but if you stumble upon one of these definitely take advantage of it.