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Petite annonce BJFe / BearFoot Ever Green Compressor

Vends une BearFoot Ever Green Compressor

220 € France Ile-de-France
Remise en main propre uniquement
Vends une BearFoot Ever Green Compressor en parfait état cosmétique et de fonctionnement.
Velcro correctement posé sous la pédale.

The Ever Green Compressor is for Ever-ything else that people use compressors for that isn’t covered by the standard PGC. Take the PGC and tweak it out to do looonger and more intense compression…and give it a Decay control to reign the compression back in and you have the Ever Green Compressor. It also features a lot more output gain for using it as a signal booster/enhancer. And yes…it’s just as dead quiet as the PGC until you get out to the extremes of compression time. This is what I use for slide, and the “faux feedback” is amazing.
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