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Avis de moosers - Meinl Byzance Dark Ride 20"

The Meinl Byzance Dark Ride 20" is a high end ride cymbal for use within a full drum set. This is one of the best ride cymbals I've ever had the pleasure of using. Although I'm not really a drummer, I dabble a bit and as a recording engineer record all sorts of difference cymbals and drum kits. I hadn't heard of these cymbals until I played the drum set of the drummer from a friend's band. The cymbal is made out of bronze alloy and it's hand hammered to give it it's own sound. You can tell just from looking and playing the cymbal that it's extremely well made and it's even more evident when you heard it's incredible tone. It's a normal sized cymbal, although I believe it comes in a few different sizes. Of course, it's not the brightest ride cymbal out there at all (hence the name), but personally I prefer this kind of sound as I find it more appropriate most of the time. My friend who owns the cymbal plays in a rock band and it works perfectly for their sound, but it definitely seems versatile enough that you could use it in almost any context. I'd really only recommend the Meinl Byzance Dark Ride 20" for professionals and aspiring professionals because of the large price tag. It's worth it for the drummer who is looking for a ride cymbal to use for life for recording and gigging, but it's not really necessary otherwise. It sounds incredible and will compliment any drummer's kit well, but it's more important to spend the money on a great drum set before branching out and spending a ton of money on cymbals. If you're looking for a truly professional ride cymbal check this one out and the full line of Meinl Byzance cymbals...