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ToneBoosters TB Sibalance

ToneBoosters TB Sibalance

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  • Fabricant : ToneBoosters
  • Modèle : TB Sibalance
  • Catégorie : De-esseur logiciel
  • Fiche créée le : 11/02/2015
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  • input/output Sibilance curve
  • threshold, a ratio, a soft knee, and a range parameter; much like a compressor.
  •  dry/wet control
  •  three algorithms: (1) a broad-band de-esser, (2) a band-limited de-esser, and (3) a matched-filter de-esser. The latter will create a filter dynamically that only reduces sibilant frequencies while leaving everything else untouched
  • these algorithms can be fused on a continuous scale.
  • the relative contribution of tonal components to the measured sibilance can be adjusted so that the de-esser works much more accurately.
  • de-ess the mid channel only
  •  ‘level threshold’ control of TB Sibalance influences how sibilant low-level signals are. Basically, if the input signals approach the threshold set for level, the measured sibilance will gradually be reduced, and hence the amount of de-essing will become more subtle or even absent.
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