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Incroyable! - Avis Wampler Pedals Faux Analog Echo Delay

I started my electric guitar playing career trying to emulate the Edge from U2. I think he is the master at using the delay to shape his sound and the direction of the band. So naturally I was scouting out all the possible delay pedals, rack units, or boxes I could find to help transfer me from the acoustic guitar.

After I got tired of digital stuff over the years, I wanted to shift over to analog pedals. I had been using a POD XT Pro and a TC Electrincs G Major in the past with bands and I want to just use my guitar, amp, and one delay. With much research I found Wampler pedals. This Analog echo pedal got some great veviews and awards to which I thought I had to check it out. Wampler was giving discounts out to people who signed up for his newsletter and at $169 for a delay pedal wasn't bad. So I pick it up and it has been the best pedal purchase of my career.

The layout as follows....

• High grade film capacitors and resistors picked for their superior sound and response
• Completely true bypass
• Battery connection and 9v power jack (barrel plug like Boss)
• Sparkle Fire orange in color, white knobs/graphics
• Ultra-bright LED for ease of use
• 4 controls - echo level, repeats, tone, and delay time
• Does NOT mess with your basic guitar tone like so many other delay pedals
• Analog warmth/tape echo tones
• About 600ms of delay time available
• Powder coated durable finish
• 2.5" x 4.5" in size


With just only four knobs it is pretty easy to get a good sound out of the box. When I first got pedal I ran the delay time around 3:00 for long repeats for solos and such. Since then I have reeled back the knob to around 10:30 and have kept it there for quite a while now. If fact I basically keep all four controls in the same area. This setup gives me a real nice addition to my tone that makes it sound a lot fuller. I generally keep this pedal on all the time unless I'm doing some start and stop riffing. So the little blue light is pretty much on at all throughout a gig.

I didn't even use the manual so that is pretty much pointless to talk about. Just click it on and listen how it really compliments your tone. Other units have volume loss or over saturate with modulations that it clouds your tone. Well this pedal just give you a nice helping hand. It won't clog your tone or become unmanageable.


I can easily say this is the best sounding analog echo unit that I have ever played. The volume is absolute unity in your guitar chain. So when you click it on and off you won't hear a volume difference like you would a high end pedal like the Eventide Timefactor.....which I own as well. You juts get solid repeats that fill your guitar notes and compliment the music very nicely.

I have used this pedal on many different amps and many different guitars. So I'll discuss what I have been recently using it with. I have a Les Paul going into this pedal with it being in the effects loop of a Splawn Quickrod. So this combo gets a lush and smooth gainy Marshall tone suitable for most rock and pop. I have it ending in a vintage Marshall 4x12 with black back speakers.


I cannot say anything bad about this pedal. I honestly think it is the most perfect delay pedal ever created. It just provides a clarity and 3D sound to your guitar rig. With the price now up to $200 I would still buy another one if it got lost or stolen. In fact I will be buying another one to have as a backup with my extra effects rig.

I would recommend this pedal to every single guitar player in the world. Buy this pedal and you will never look back. I have played them all and I love the MXR Carbon Copy, but I give the lead to this box because it does everything I need to do and it never talks back....unless I tell it too.