Infos de Peter Diezel himself!

My 10 watt project was cancelled.
Now I´n going to design a 2 channel,
25 watt amp with loop and single
footswitch. Not a lunch box size
but small and no big weight. Runs with
5 x 12AX7 and 2 x 6V6. It will be released
in February or March.

For the NAMM I have to hurry up for a
100 watt, 2 channel, 2 master amp with
less features. It will be the VH2 and
replace the Lil Fokker which was not popular
for most guys.

Another amp will be the Paul. Think
about the D-Moll with same features
but reverb instead of mid cut section
and 45 watt from 2 KT77.

There will be also a pedal which should
serve the VH4 channel 3 sound with
solid state. Output for clean channel
amp and power amp. Presence and Deep

More pedals will follow in 2016 as well.

I have a really big project also, which should
secret till it will works like we want to.

Sorry for the confusion during the last months
but this is the status quo.