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Fuzz chargée prix élevé - Avis Zvex Woolly Mammoth

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Zvex effects pedal company has really taken a large portion of the pedal boutique market in on recent years. They've built some of the most highly used and easily recognizable overdrive and effects pedals on the market. One of their most prized in recognizable looks is there handpainted casings on their pedals. The cost is much at their higher price than other pedals because is the hand-painted graphics that are on top of the case. Many of their most commonly use pedals they will offer a version that is cheaper with a non-painted case. This is one of those pedals that has the painted case which has a larger more expensive price attached to it.


This pedal has very few features. You have an output control knob, an EQ control knob, pinch control knob, as well as a wool control knob. This is basically a fuzz pedal that has a few more bells and whistles than your average big Muff type size control panel. Overall it doesn't have a load of versatility but it does have a pretty cool sound attached.


If you like the fuzz pedals on this is a pretty cool sound to get with your bass guitar. If you need that thick saturated wooly fuzz tone this will be a good place to start. However, the price of this pedal is so astronomical I cannot recommend anyone buying the unit. To charge $360 for this pedal is a little bit outrageous, simply because it hasn't painted case and the company has a recognizable name. The tone is good but not for the price.


Like I said before the pedals are right around $350 new. That is a big steep price for simply one effect coming from a pedal. I probably would not recommend this to anyone simply because it is so expensive and for just getting a simple fuzz tone then there's a lot of cheaper and effective pedals out there on the market than this one.