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Murs de fuzz massifs. - Avis Zvex Woolly Mammoth

Basically this is a monstrous hand wired fuzz pedal. I have owned 2 and built 3 or 4 so I'm pretty familair with it and I'm a big fan of the pedal. I'm a big fan of crazy fuzzes and this might be my favorite. THe EQ and output knobs are pretty self explanatory but the EQ is more like a low shelf filter. The wool knob is essentially the gain knob, though it reacts different. And technically the pich knob is a waveform control. It basically voices the fuzz style. It's a simple design for the most part and if you look at the insides you will notice the simple wiring. No wonder this pedal can last almost forever on a battery.


This was actually designed for bass, and I have no doubt it works great for that, but I use it for guitar leads that I want to sound well...unique? This is a deceptively simplistic pedal that you can get a lot of use out of if you just mess with the knobs a lot.


You can do a lot with the mammoth. Turn up the eq and pinch knob and you have your more vintage fuzz hendrix fuzzface sounds. It's actually a really mildly flavored fuzz at these settings, and a nice one at that. However this is the wooly mammoth, and I tend to use the more insane settings. If you lower the EQ and pinch, and pump up the wool knob, you will get a seriously colossal fuzz wall. Leads are massive and sound like they could tear through a someone's face. This is the pedal I turn on for what I call "me time."


I have owned a lot of insane fuzz pedals during my collectors phases. This is one of the few I don't think I can keep out of my pedalboard. Sometimes I might try a different one for kicks, but usually I come back to the mammoth. I highly recommend it.