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Grande unité, mauvais service client Tascam - Avis Tascam HS-P82

The Tascam HSP82 is a high resolution digital recorder (8 Track). It records up to 24 bit WAV format quality and stores them on Flash Cards. There is a color touch screen on it that lets you take control over the whole device via touch screen if you choose. You can run this whole unit on AA batteries or with an AC adapter. The AC adapter does come with it and you do not have to purchase anything else, it is ready to use right out of the box. You can transfer files back and forth to your computer on the HSP82 via USB connection.


Setting this unit up was pretty quick and simple. It seems well built and I think it will hold up and last a very long time. It does come with a manual that is pretty long and lengthy.


I do not think that the manual is very reader friendly and it is very unattractive. So hopefully you will not need the manual to operate it, if you do be prepared to have to sit down and read for a long time. Do not think that you can just call Tascam and get great help over the phone. This was a huge issue, we had to call Tascam after some questions we had regarding the touch screen and the person on the phone basically was just a call center operator and not a tech person so they where no help at all, goo thing we eventually got it sorted out on our own instead of waiting 2 days for a call back.


This unit is great, outside of the customer service that Tascam provided us I would say this is a must buy. It is expensive but worth the investment. This is not a rackable unit, it is pretty big and bulky so make sure you have the space to sit it down on before you purchase.