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Avis de moosers - Waves Linear Phase EQ

The Waves Linear Phase EQ is a mastering and mixing equalizer plug-in that comes with just about all of the major Waves bundles. We've got this at the studio where I work and I've also got it on my home's system. It's one of Waves' kind of standard plug-ins, as you've got it if you have any of the big bundles. Installing it happens when you install the full bundle, although I'm not sure if it's also available individually. The interface of the plug-in is easy enough to follow, as it's a simple parametric EQ with five bands. Each band has parameters for gain, frequency, and Q, which is otherwise known as bandwidth. You can also set the type of slope you'd like to use, which is helpful for low and high pass filtering as well as for getting more precise in what you want to do in general. You can turn each band on or off as wanted as well. Lastly, it has built in dither and an overall output leveler. I haven't seen a manual for this plug-in, nor do I ever anticipate needing to see one.


My home system has the Waves Linear Phase EQ plug-in currently running in on a native Pro Tools 9 rig. I'm running it on a Mac Book Pro laptop that has 4 GB of RAM and a 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor to work with, while I've got Pro Tools running with a Digi 002R audio interface. It's enough for me to run this plug-in comfortably, although I don't use it on every track and really only when I'm looking for super precise control...


The Waves Linear Phase EQ plug-in is an awesome tool to have in any audio suite. It couldn't be easier to use and provides about as much control as you can ask for in a parametric EQ. It has a super clean sound quality that would be hard to top in another plug-in. Waves really is just about the best in the business when it comes to making plug-ins, and the Linear Phase EQ is a perfect example of their virtual craftsmanship. I'd highly recommend checking out this plug-in and the bundles that include it as any DAW is going to benefit mightily from having it.