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Avis de moosers - Dynaudio BM15

The Dynaudio Acoustic BM15s are a set of passive studio monitors designed for any type of use in the studio.  Since they are passive monitors, they do require an external power amplifier.  These monitors are pretty big so they aren't the type of monitors that you can bring around too easily and are better of staying put in one place.  The Dynaudio Acoustic BM15s are suitable for mixing, monitoring, or for whatever else you'd like to do with them.


The sound heard from the Dynaudio Acoustic BM15 is pretty awesome as it covers the entire frequency spectrum really well.  The low end response is awesome as is the mids and highs.  You can hear everything precisely and accurately and you can rest assured that the sound that you are hearing is accurate and isn't coloring the sound at all.  For this reason they are probably best suited for mixing and therefore are great for any type of use.  The stereo image is great and the dynamics are quite accurate as well.  The Dynaudio Acoustic BM15s are overall really great sounding monitors.


I recently got to use the Dynaudio Acoustic BM15s for the first time and right off the bat I really liked the way these sound because they are really full of life.  They have a huge sound to them but at the same time it isn't an unrealistic one and you will be able to get good sounding mixes that will transfer well when you play them back on normal speakers.  The price of the Dynaudio Acoustic BM15s isn't absurd and is actually a pretty good deal for such a great set of studio monitors.  I've just recently really come to respect Dynaudio for their monitors as I hadn't had much experience with them before.  If you are looking to spend a little bit of money to get a great set of monitors, you have to check out the Dynaudio Acoustic BM15s and the other monitors that they have to offer.