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Avis de moosers - Yamaha NS-10M

I got a pair of Yamaha NS-10Ms because, like many, I feel that the mixes I get on them translate well to other listening environments. They are pretty normal speakers, which is part of the reason that so many people love to use them to A/B mixes. I run my pair with a Crown D75 power amplifier.


I would say these monitors give a pretty accurate portrayal of the sound, excluding the low end frequencies. They don't have enough bulk to project those deep low frequencies, but the mid and high end frequencies come in pretty clear. Since the low end response on these isn't the best, you have to know what amount of bass is appropriate on these to translate well to a set of speakers that might have more low end response. This being said, all monitors take a bit of learning to see how accurate their spectrum is. The stereo image is more than satisfactory and they give off a crisp overall sound.


I've had my pair of Yamaha NS-10Ms for about three years and I'm really glad I bought a pair of these. They are great to use in tandem with a fuller set of speakers so that you could A/B a mix between them. If you can find a used pair of these, they aren't all that expensive, which make them a good deal. The NS-10Ms seem to be in a class of their own when it comes to monitors. Some people love them and swear by them, while some just don't get it. I think it is just a matter of knowing how to use these to your best advantage, which takes a bit of learning. The NS-10Ms are definitley worth a look at from anyone interested in picking up a set of studio monitors.