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mieux dans cette gamme de prix - Avis Peavey PVX 15

The PVx 15 is hands down one of the best passive speakers that I have used in this price range. It is only 400 watts but if feels so much more powerful once you get the chance to hear it at work. It has a 15 inch speaker and only cost 250 dollars. The funny thing is that it does not weigh much more than the PVx 12, so taking it around with you is not that difficult.
The power that is behind this unit is worth a lot more than what the speaker cost. I have been using a pair of these since earlier this year and have not even though about upgrading to something else because they have provided us with the sound we need when gigging.
The sound is amazing, the highs are nice and clean and crisp. The lows are deep but not muddy, they sound rich and warm and surprisingly they have a nice thump to it in the club to get the crowd moving. The mids just bring everything together; I have noticed that depending on what style of music you are playing will depend on how well the PVx 15 will sound. The some pop and top 40 music it has a nice club sound to it. But with slower and more ballad songs, I always turn it down a bit because the sound is not as clean in the mids.
But overall, the sound of this unit cannot be matched at this price point. You will not find a better monitor period by Peavey or Mackie or any other brand for that matter. I am extremely happy with these monitors and do not regret my purchase at all. I am looking forward to hearing them at an outdoor even we have planned soon. I just recently bought some new poles for them to go on too.