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Valeur de l'argent, il Acheter - Avis GForce Software M-Tron Pro

Gforce M Tron Pro is a virtual instrument that comes loaded with 3.5 GB of sound and you can use it on PC or Mac computers. On PC it will work with Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and on Mac’s you need to have OS 10.4 or higher to run it as well as 256MB of RAM. You can run Gforce M Tron Pro as a stand alone or as a VST, if you use it as a VST be careful with how many times you are running it simultaneously because I have had some issues when running it more than 3 times on my PC. It does not happen often but from time to time I will experience some glitch stuff and slow playback, even when ASIO drivers.


M Tron Pro is easy to install and only takes a few minutes, when you load it up it opens right up. It has over 500 presets and each individual preset can be altered with editing the parameters which is pretty easy to do right on screen.


Some of the sounds are really good, I was shocked. But others are just ok, and I feel like some of the presets I have heard in other VST’s that came out around the same time as the M Tron Pro. For the price, you are getting a really good VST at 149 dollars. I have been using this VST as a Standalone as well for almost a year.
The price and the quality of some of the presets are more than enough to make you purchase this VST. I have used other Gforce products before and all of them are of quality and worth the buy. I am happy with my choice to use Gforce M Tron Pro. I have recently really utilized the MIDI learn function with all of the knobs and sliders on the VST. I know have them all synced up to the knobs on my MIDI keyboard for more of a realistic feeling synth.