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Avis de moosers - Electro-Harmonix Double Muff

The Electro-Harmonix Double Muff is a distortion foot pedal designed for use with electric guitar but can be used with any electronic instrument.  The pedal has two different channels in it, so you're getting two muffs in one here.  However, this isn't the same Muff circuitry as the USA Big Muff, rather is from the original Muff from the late 60s.  The pedal has 1/4" connections for input and output and can be powered with a nine volt power supply.  It isn't rack mountable since it is a stomp box.


Most users will definitely not have a problem when it comes to the utilization of the Electro-Harmonix Double Muff.  The pedal is very simple, straight forward, and easy to understand.  It simply has two knobs marked muff one and muff two, and a switch to choose either having the single muff engaged or having both engaged.  Having both of them engaged just gives you a thicker distortion.  Beyond the two knobs and switch, there isn't anything else to work with here, which is kind of a bummer as I really enjoy having the tone and sustain parameters on the standard Big Muff pedals.  I've never seen the manual for this pedal, but one isn't necessary unless you're having technical problems or some sort of other issue.


The sound quality of the Electro-Harmonix Double Muff is overall quite good.  For me, it doesn't stand up to the USA Big Muff or any of the other Big Muff pedals simply because it lacks versatility.  However, having the two different channels is definitely cool as it at least allows you to have two varying tones with the flip of a switch.  The pedal certainly sounds like it is in the Muff family, but lacks the sustain available with the Big Muff.  Having said all of this, if you're looking for some simple thick distortion or fuzz, the Double Muff will definitely give you that.


I first used the Electro-Harmonix Double Muff about six months ago when I got interested in checking out all of the pedals in the Muff family to see what would work best for me.  While I ultimately decided on the standard Big Muff, the Double Muff definitely has some cool features to bring to the table.  Having the two channels is a big plus, but it does trade off with having less versatility in the end because it lacks the controls.  The price of the pedal is very reasonable, and I'd encourage anyone out there interested in a Muff pedal to check out the Double Muff as well as the other Big Muff pedals.