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Bizarre fuzz champ RF - Avis Zvex Fuzz Probe

Zvex has recently gone beyond making pedals and started making something the world has never seen before. Basically, he attached the fuzz factory to a huge piece of copper that allows you to manipulate the RF field manually to create all kinds of bizarre sounds that would make even the most indie punk band blush. There are five knobs - volume, gate, comp, drive and stab. However, you'll be messing with the RF field the most.


Zvex did an amazing job in the way he laid out this pedal. It's easy to use, yet it's not. Just plugging into the pedal and playing will get you some neat fuzz tone going on. However, once you start moving things towards that RF field, all hell breaks loose. The pedal is really only limited to your imagination. Zvex's manuals are usually a bit haggard, so I recommend just trying to play with some settings and watch his videos to get a good description as to what this does.


The sound is bizarre, and I'm not sure I mean that in a good way. First of all, it sounds like an over the top fuzz once you just turn the thing on and start messing with the knobs. However, once you start moving your foot (or fingers) around the RF field generator, you get all kinds of wacky and crazy tones that don't seem to be replicable a second time. It's this human interaction with the sound that makes the pedal extremely fun to play, but it also is pretty impractical in a live setting.


If you're into noise makers, check out this pedal. It's a unique take on what an interactive RF field generating noise maker should be. To be honest, I don't recall having seen anything like this on the market besides that Zvex is doing. Be sure to take a look at the videos that Zvex has on his website so you can get a grasp as to how this thing works and what it exactly does.